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About us


We are a small family business and we began Freedom Chocolate in Dumfries in Scotland and we are now in Cumbria in England. We love great chocolate but we also care about the people who grow it. Unfortunately, it has been well documented that the chocolate industry has massive issues with slavery and human trafficking (mostly children), in particular in West African nations. Many of the big chocolate manufacturers have their headquarters in West Africa and are aware of this loathsome practice. Since 2015, these companies have been promising to eradicate slavery in the Chocolate Industry. Nevertheless, slavery and trafficking continue on the plantations and the chocolate companies keep increasing their profits. In contrast, we work very hard to source our raw cacao ingredients from reputable, ethical suppliers. Our Cacao originates from Farmer’s Cooperatives in Peru and South America. Thus, we can help you make a conscious choice with our Ethical Chocolate.

If you want to know more about the use of slavery in the chocolate industry visit Food Empowerment Project

Our Chocolate


Using our own special recipes, we blend the raw ingredients together to make our chocolate. Then, using age old, skilled techniques the chocolate is hand tempered across a granite slab. This develops the flavours and texture. Next, the chocolate is hand poured. Finally, every bar is wrapped by hand.  Each bar is truly a labour of love. Freedom Chocolate is a raw chocolate that is suitable for EVERYONE – including Vegans and Allergy Sufferers.


Freedom Chocolate was born out of our family’s experience of struggling with food allergies and intolerances.  So we understand how difficult it is when family members are excluded from enjoying the same delicious treats as everyone else. Thus far, our experience is that there is a lack of high-quality chocolate options available for those with special dietary requirements. In general, there is now a growing demand for a more universal, but high quality chocolate.  Coupled with this, the options that are available are often not suitable for those with multiple allergies.  Further, Free From chocolate is often not enjoyed by mainstream chocolate lovers.  With this in mind, we want to champion a truly inclusive chocolate experience. An experience that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Chocolate in total freedom from barriers arising from moral choices and dietary needs.

Meet the team




Simon is our Chocolate Artisan and you will meet him at markets and shows. He’s very friendly and knowledgeable about our chocolate so make sure to come and say “Hello”



Sarah works on all our backroom tasks including maintaining our website, social media and admin. If you call or message us it will be Sarah that you speak to.



Megan is the youngest member of the team; she loves Equine Studies and vintage fashion. You will meet her at events and markets.

Experience freedom

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