The Freedom Chocolate Difference


Responsible Sourcing


Much of the world is awakening to the damage caused by plastic to the environment, wildlife and our collective health. There is a need for us all to be responsible for taking steps to reduce the impact of this damage. This is a subject very close to our hearts and as such we have carefully chosen our packaging so that it is recycled, recyclable or both and contains NO PLASTIC.

Our Chocolate

our freedom chocolate is for everyone!


100% Love

Freedom Chocolate is a craft chocolate made with love from start to finish.

Natural Product

First, we hand pick a small number of high-quality, simple, raw, ethically sourced (mostly organic) ingredients. We don’t add anything else because we believe all the additives and preservatives used in many foods now are both unnecessary and not good for our health.

Hand Crafted

Apart from a blender to break down the cacao butter and a heat source to melt the cacao butter, no machinery is used in the production of our chocolate.

This means it is a more natural product, truer to the origins of chocolate confectionary making of centuries passed.



Next, we blend the ingredients to our own special recipes, melting them together at temperatures no higher than 48C to retain as many of the health benefits of the cacao as possible.

Hand Tempered

This is followed by hand tempering on a granite slab. Tempering is a traditional, skilled technique where the liquid chocolate is manipulated on a granite slab which grows beta crystals. These crystals are responsible for creating a unique texture and taste. For this part of the process we use a large, custom built slab to bring you a diversity of flavours, textures, and experience.

Hand Wrapped

The chocolate is then hand poured into the moulds, before finally being hand wrapped.

Experience freedom

Want to get your hands on some of our fantastic craft chocolate?